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Workplace injuries include repetitive strain injuries

Residents of Tulsa may associate workplace injuries or illnesses with working with heavy, dangerous machinery; working from heights; working with dangerous chemicals; or in general performing the type of work that puts one’s safety at risk. However, even seemingly mundane work, such as office work or working on an assembly line can cause what is known as a repetitive strain injury.


There are numerous types of injuries that fall under the umbrella term of repetitive strain injury, such as tendinosis, edema and carpal tunnel syndrome. But what they all have in common is that they are associated with work activities that are repetitious, require forceful exertions, involve mechanical compression, expose the worker to vibrations or that require the worker to stay in an unnatural position.


RSIs may present a number of symptoms. For example, the worker’s muscles or joint may feel tender, painful or may be throbbing or tingling. The worker may also experience a loss of strength or sensation in the muscle or joint at issue.


There are a variety of ways that RSIs are treated, and the exact course of treatment depends on the specific injury at issue. Sometimes, simple painkillers or applying an ice pack or heating pad to the affected area can ease symptoms. However, in more severe cases, physiotherapy, steroid shots or even surgery may be necessary to correct the injury. Needless to say, in severe cases of RSI, the affected individual may not be able to work for a while.


Individuals who find they are completely unable to work due to an RSI may need help making ends meet financially while they recover from their injury. Fortunately, in some cases workers may choose to seek workers’ compensation benefits if their injury is severe enough to keep them from working entirely. Since this post cannot guarantee whether or not one will qualify for benefits, those interested in learning more about workers’ compensation may want to consult with a professional.


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