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Workers’ compensation: ODOT worker killed on Oklahoma job

Workers throughout the United States, including Oklahoma, can get injured during the course of their employment. While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as the Department of Labor have various guidelines in place to ensure that employers adopt various safety measures for their workers to prevent workplace injuries, some injuries cannot be avoided.

For this reason, workers’ compensation is required by many employers to financially protect employees who are injured at work. An injured worker or his or her loved ones, and dependents have the legal right to initiate a lawsuit for recovering workers’ compensation for the workplace injuries or fatality.

Recently, an Oklahoma Department of Transportation worker was killed when a huge stop sign fell on his head, crushing him. The worker was working to fill a sinkhole when the workplace accident occurred. His grieving family and colleagues stated that the victim was a sincere worker and had been with the department for decades.

After an injured worker or a worker’s family files for a workers’ compensation claim, the court looks into various aspects of the accident, including the worker’s responsibility and any occupational hazards or unsafe working conditions.

Attorneys for the worker or family of a deceased worker may conduct their own investigation in addition to the investigation conducted by the authorities. Medical reports, as well as eyewitness reports may be used to present evidence for the case in front of the judge to help the worker get his or her due workers’ compensation.

Source: Tulsa World, “ODOT worker killed on job was quiet, but loyal to those around him,” Stacy Ryburn, June 17, 2015


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