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Workers’ compensation may lessen stressful burdens in Oklahoma

After being injured at work, a myriad of thoughts may run through an Oklahoma employee’s mind. He or she may worry about losing income, paying medical expenses and recovering from injuries sustained. These concerns may put added stress on an already complex situation, but workers’ compensation may be able to lessen some of the financial burden.

One man in another state may be hoping to effectively address his concerns after recently being injured on the job. Reports stated that the man worked as a house-lifter and had been working on a partially collapsed waterfront structure at the time of the incident. He and another individual had been securing beams and pilings when the man was knocked in the head by a beam.

The incident caused the man to fall into the water below. After falling, he became stuck in the water due to a chain getting wrapped around his leg. Emergency personnel were able to rescue the man from the water, and he was taken from the scene by helicopter in order to have his injuries addressed. It was not specifically noted what injuries he may have suffered or what his condition was at the time of the report.

Because serious injuries often lead to financial distress, workers’ compensation may be needed. Filing a claim for these benefits can often help struggling workers address their financial hardships in their times of recovery. If Oklahoma residents face setbacks when working toward gaining these benefits or have their claims denied, they may wish to speak with experienced attorneys in order to gain assistance with their cases.

Source:, “One man injured after house collapse in Wildwood“, Lauren Carroll, Dec. 14, 2016


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