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Workers’ compensation may lessen hardships from work injuries

Many individuals may be devastated to suffer an injury on the job, especially if it causes serious or permanent injuries. When these injuries occur in Oklahoma, workers’ compensation may be able to help those workers and/or their families who have been negatively affected. Various workplace accidents could lead to individuals needing such financial assistance.

A work-related accident recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that an industrial plant was undergoing a demolition, and as the demolition was taking place, a wall collapsed. It was unclear whether steps should have been taken to reinforce the wall while the operation was being carried out or if other factors contributed to the unexpected event taking place.

The wall collapse led to two workers being injured. One individual unfortunately did not survive the injuries suffered. The second worker was taken to an area hospital, and that person was luckily not considered to be in critical condition. The fatal incident was under investigation at the time of the report, and a spokesperson for the company stated that they were cooperating with authorities to carry out an investigation.

As this incident shows, a sudden event could easily lead to workers being injured or losing their lives. If Oklahoma workers suffer in such an event or families lose loved ones in that manner, the financial hardships resulting from the incident could be overwhelming. Gaining information on workers’ compensation benefits could help negatively affected individuals determine whether they may qualify and what steps may need to be taken to pursue those benefits.

Source:, “1 Worker Killed, Another Injured at Cargill Plant In Memphis“, Nov. 17, 2016


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