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What types of injuries are not covered by workers’ compensation?

Workplace injuries can happen to just about anyone. Some may think that workplace injuries are only suffered by those who work in dangerous environments such as factories or construction sites, but this is not so. Even office workers could suffer an injury in the workplace that keeps them from being able to work for a period of time.


When this happens, workers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, may want to explore the possibility of seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation is similar to insurance, in that workers have paid into the workers’ compensation system, and the workers’ compensation system then provides workers who have been injured on-the-job with benefits to help offset the costs of medical care and lost wages while the worker is recovering from his or her injury.


However, there are some injuries that are not covered by the workers’ compensation system. First of all, if an injury is self-inflicted, it may not be covered by workers’ compensation. Similarly, if an employee was injured due to voluntary intoxication or fooling around, he or she may not be approved for workers’ compensation benefits. Also, if another person injured the worker for personal, rather than work-related, reasons, that injury may not be covered by workers’ compensation.


In addition, injuries that a worker suffers in the course of off-duty events, be they sporting events, social gatherings or recreational activities, these injuries may not be covered by workers’ compensation in Oklahoma. Moreover, if a worker was injured due to an “act of God,” it is possible that that workers’ injury will not be covered by workers’ compensation.


Determining whether an injury is covered by workers’ compensation in Oklahoma can be complicated. Since this post is not intended to provide readers with legal advice, it may be worthwhile to consult with an attorney, to evaluate whether you can seek workers’ compensation for your injury.

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