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What types of damages may be sought in a wrongful death suit?

The pain of losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult experiences of an Oklahoman’s life. This pain is amplified if the loved one’s death came at the hands of another person. For example, a fatal car crash caused by a drunk driver, medical malpractice or a a fatal workplace accident could lead to a loved one wrongfully being taken too soon.


When this happens, the victim’s loved ones may have many questions about their legal rights. They may choose to consult with an Oklahoma personal injury attorney to have their questions answered. One question they may have is whether they can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.


A follow-up question they may have after this is what type of damages they may seek in a wrongful death lawsuit. Oklahoma statutes provide for a number of different types of damages in a wrongful death suit.


One type of damages that may be sought through a wrongful death suit is compensation for medical expenses incurred prior to their loved one’s death and burial expenses. If a spouse survives the deceased, he or she can seek compensation for his or her grief and loss of consortium. Similarly, if the deceased is survived by children the children’s loss of companionship and grief may be compensable. If the decedent suffered mental pain or anguish, in some circumstances this may also be compensable. Finally, the survivors can seek compensation for their pecuniary loss, although there are rules regarding the type of evidence that may be admissible in such cases.


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