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What if a person in Tulsa is injured on another’s property?

There are many types of accidents that could cause injuries. Individuals in Tulsa may already know that slip-and-fall accidents, caused by a spill on a grocery store floor or an uneven sidewalk, could injure a person. A display of merchandise in a shopping mall could fall on a person, causing an injury.


Moreover, a person could be harmed in another’s home. Such injuries could be caused by a broken porch or a balcony that collapses. Uneven or otherwise broken stairways could also lead to an injury. Being bitten by a dog can also cause a person to suffer a serious injury.


In addition, there are incidents that could take place on other types of premises that could lead to an injury-causing accident. For example, if a department store or hotel has an escalator or an elevator and it malfunctions, this could cause an injury. In addition, it is possible that a swimming pool could be unsafe or may not be properly taken care of or monitored. Also, if a person was injured in a parking lot that had inadequate lighting or insufficient security cameras, this could lead to an injury.


When incidents such as these lead to a catastrophic injury, victims of such injuries may wonder if they can recover damages for their injury. In some cases, it may be possible to pursue a premises liability suit against the property owner, whether is a commercial property owner or a private party.


For some people seeking personal injury damages, consulting an attorney can be a good step to take. An attorney can investigate whether the property owner was aware of the danger on their property, or whether they should have been aware of such a danger and did not take steps to fix the problem. Personal injury lawyer Phillip C. Hawkins can educate individuals about premises liability cases and examine how the law applies to the facts of an individual’s case. The firm has a premises liability overview online that victims injured on another’s property may find helpful.


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