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What causes cargo truck tank accidents in Oklahoma?

Every day cargo-tank trucks crisscross the streets and highways of Tulsa. While they are an essential part of commerce, these trucks often carry very hazardous materials such as fuel, toxic gases and crude oil. Therefore, it is important that cargo tank truck drivers do all they can to avoid being involved in a motor vehicle accident.


Unfortunately, according to one source, each year more than 1,300 cargo tank trucks are involved in rollover accidents. Why do such accidents occur? The answer might surprise you.


First of all, while it may seem like such accidents are more likely to occur once it gets dark out, two-thirds of such accidents actually take place during the daytime hours. In addition, while care needs to be taken when traveling over ramps or on curvy roads, in fact more than 50 percent of the cargo tank rollover accidents in the nation take place on straight roads. Similarly, while extra caution must be taken when the weather takes a turn for the worse, 93 percent of cargo tank rollover accidents take place on dry roads. As this shows, even in the best of driving conditions, cargo tank rollover accidents can occur.


In the end, driver error can contribute to many cargo tank rollover accidents. In fact, more than three-fourths of cargo take rollover accidents can be attributed to driver error. This could include drowsy driving or distracted driving, two factors which contribute to 20 percent of cargo tank rollover accidents. In addition, poor vehicle condition, such as faulty brakes, play a role in many cargo tank rollover accidents.


If a cargo truck carrying hazardous materials is involved in a rollover accident, the results can be disastrous. Unfortunately, in the worst accidents an innocent motorist could be killed. Motorists in Tulsa should not be put into danger due to negligent truck drivers or faulty equipment. If a person is injured after being struck by a cargo tank truck, he or she should seek the help he or she needs to pursue compensation.

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