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What benefits can workers receive for disability in Oklahoma?

Workers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, know that it is the responsibility of an employer to keep the workplace free from hazards that can result in worker injuries or deaths. Failure on the part of an employer to follow these rules and regulations regarding workers’ safety may result in a tragic workplace accident that could have been prevented.

According to Oklahoma provisions, dependents of a worker who died as the result of a job-related accident are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. A surviving spouse and each child will receive a lump sum benefit payment and they may also be able to receive weekly benefits and funeral costs.

Similarly, a worker who is injured in a work-related accident is also entitled to receive applicable benefits, depending on the type, nature and seriousness of the injury. In the event that the worker suffers permanent disability from a work-related injury or on-the-job injury, the benefits will depend on the extent of the disability.

If the injured worker has suffered permanent partial disability, or PPI, the worker may be entitled to receive PPI benefits that are 70 percent of the injured worker’s average weekly wages. It cannot exceed $323 per week for injuries that occurred on or after Augusts 27, 2010 through August 26, 2015. The PPI benefits cannot be less than $150 per week if the injuries occurred on or after August 27, 2010.

If an employee has suffered permanent total disability, or PTD, resulting from a job-related injury, the disabled employee will be entitled to receive PTD benefits. This benefit is paid to the injured employee during the disability until the disabled employee becomes eligible to receive Social Security retirement benefits or for 15 years, whichever is longer. PTD benefits are figured at 70 percent of the disabled employee’s average weekly wages. The maximum rate for permanent disability for a worker receiving injuries from November 1, 2013 through January 31, 2014 is $801.00 per week.

Understanding Oklahoma workers’ compensation can be complicated; benefits can depend on multiple factors and benefit amounts may change over time. A local workers’ compensation attorney can help local injured workers get back on their feet through proper use of the state workers’ comp system.

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