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We help resolve Workers’ Compensation claims in Oklahoma

Oklahoma law states that any worker who suffers an injury during the course of employment may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance for employees to financially protect themselves in the event of a workplace injury. There are instances when an injury occurs outside the premises of employment but while an employee is still under the clock. These are often harder to resolve and it is not uncommon for disputes to arise in these situations.

Workers’ compensation disputes are not limited to whether an employee was on shift at the time of the injury, but may also concern the extent of the injury to the worker. In these situations, the matter of proof comes up and lawyers at our firm work with various professionals to ascertain the injuries suffered and the expenses associated with the injuries.

Courts consider evidence by both parties in order to render their decision. The attorneys at Hawkins Law Firm often consult not only with the employee’s colleagues or possible eyewitnesses but also medical experts in order to prove a connection between the nature of employment and the injury caused to the worker along with possible safety measure violations undertaken by the employer.

Physical injuries are typically easier to prove by a worker, opposed to psychological illnesses or injuries. The severity of the injuries is considered, along with the workplace conditions, as well as the worker’s ability to seek gainful employment following the injury. In certain situations, the inherent dangers of the workplace can also be responsible for psychological trauma and would be taken under consideration as well. It may be wise to seek the advice of a firm familiar with workers’ compensation claims in such situations.


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