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We are advocates for Tulsa car crash injury victims

Car crashes are invariably violent events. Metal crushes metal, snaps plastic and shatters glass. Unfortunately, in many car accidents, much more fragile and valuable things get harmed as well: human beings.

The Hawkins Law Firm is dedicated to being legal advocates for people injured in Tulsa car accidents. We represent clients injured in collisions caused by distracted driving, drunken drivers, speeding, recklessness, people driving too fast for conditions, and a wide variety of other factors.

After a car accident, an injured person has a number of immediate concerns. Hospitalization, surgeries, pain and uncertainties about their health are all near the top of the list. And if their injuries prevent them from working and earning paychecks, that adds to the list of their worries.

They often worry, too, about job security. How long will their employer wait for them to recover and return to work? And what about those mounting medical bills?

Our law firm strives first and foremost to understand our clients and their concerns about their health and their financial damages. We then begin the process of understanding the accident; the who, what, where, when and why of the crash.

That can mean detailed investigation of the incident by careful examination of police documentation and evidence, interviews with witnesses and experts, and much more.

In some cases, an experienced attorney can negotiate on behalf of a client a quick and favorable settlement with an insurance company. However, in other situations, insurers are reluctant to provide full and fair compensation for injuries, medical costs, pain, lost wages and other damages.

In those situations, we are prepared to vigorously represent our clients at trial, protecting their rights and interests. Please see our car accident web page for more information about our Oklahoma law firm.


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