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Was Oklahoma chiropractor visit a case of wrongful death?

A routine visit to a chiropractor or a medical practitioner often results in minor health adjustments for Oklahomans; it often leads to a few reminders about living a healthier lifestyle and taking some medicine or supplements. However, when the visit results in a person’s death, there may be something wrong with the procedure that the person underwent. This is what is suspected after a man suffered a stroke and eventually died following a routine visit to a chiropractor.

The 30-year-old man went to his chiropractor for what was described as a “standard visit.” However, during his stay, he suffered an acute cerebellar infarction, which is commonly known as a stroke. Instead of calling 911 or taking him to a hospital, the chiropractor called the man’s father to pick him up. The man was eventually transported to an emergency room. After around six hours, he was transferred to another medical facility, where he succumbed to stroke. An autopsy indicated that the stroke was due to neck manipulation.

The state’s chiropractor association issued a statement regarding the man’s death. While they sent their condolences to the family, the association also stated that no medical procedure is without risks and emphasized that chiropractic practices have one of the lowest medical malpractice insurance rates.

Whether the death is due to suspected medical malpractice, nursing home abuse or a motor vehicle accident involving negligence, an Oklahoma victim’s family has the right to file a legal action, including a wrongful death lawsuit. This legal action may help shed light on the situation and families may obtain justice for the loss of a loved one. Also, the lawsuit may result in a monetary award for the family. An unexpected death is often accompanied by medical and funeral expenses, lost wages and other miscellaneous expenses. Compensation can help families handle and avoid a difficult financial situation.

Source: Fox 8 Cleveland, “30-year-old man dies after trip to chiropractor,” Nov. 8, 2014


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