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Vocational training helps personal injury patients in the job

Oklahoma residents can suffer catastrophic injuries which may lead to a loss of mobility. A spinal cord injury, or SCI, can make life difficult for an individual. The injured victim will need training, support and vocational rehabilitation to overcome the injuries and re-enter the workforce. Medical and rehabilitation costs can lead to serious financial concerns, which are often challenging hurdles for people with catastrophic injuries.

The pain and suffering can be mitigated if an individual is able to lead a successful career at work following the injury. Research has shown that an individual with a SCI is happier if the person has a successful work-life balance. There are state and federal laws that help protect individuals with SCIs. The Americans with Disability Act forbids employers from discriminating against any person with a disability. If the person has relevant skills and is capable with those skills in the workplace, the employer cannot discriminate against the person.

In order to qualify under the ADA, the person must have a disability that limits regular activities. An employer must also make reasonable accommodations for the disabled person; this is dependent upon the employers’ own financial resources.

To help avoid discrimination, an employer is not allowed to inquire about a person’s disability when the individual is applying for a job, unless the physical limitations make the SCI victim unable to do the tasks associated with the job. The employer can only ask about a person’s ability to do a certain job. An employer may only ask a job applicant to take a medical test if it is a requirement for the job.

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