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Tulsa fairgrounds worker dies while maintaining a ride

The Tulsa fairgrounds hosts a wide variety of events enjoyed by many Oklahomans. Many fairgoers flock to the popular rides at the fairground, seeking adventure. These rides are kept safe for fairgoers by the efforts of workers who inspect and maintain the rides. Unfortunately, maintenance work on fair rides can be a dangerous activity.


Recently, a maintenance worker at the Tulsa fairgrounds lost his life while on-the-job. The worker and one other individual were performing maintenance work on a fair ride known as the Skyride when the accident occurred. The basket the two workers were in collapsed onto some transformers, leaving the workers dangling in the air from their safety harnesses. Firefighters had to use a ladder truck to rescue the workers. One worker was able to walk away from the accident. Unfortunately, the other worker passed away despite efforts to save him and being rushed to the hospital. The surviving worker was also hospitalized; his condition is being described as “fair.” According to witnesses, the entire incident was very sudden.


No one heads off to work expecting to be involved in a fatal accident. In this case, the workers were taking safety precautions by wearing harnesses. Despite this, one of the workers still lost his life. His family is now left to cope without a loved one. Not only is this a huge personal loss, but it is a huge financial loss as well. The injured worker also needs to regain his health.


In general, when a worker is injured on the job, he or she may need to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Similarly, if a worker dies due to a fatal workplace accident, his or her surviving spouse or children may also seek benefits.


Making ends meet after a fatal workplace accident can be difficult, particularly when a family is reeling from a devastating emotional loss. The workers’ compensation system is in place to help employees and their loved ones during a financially challenging time. Those who need financial assistance after the death of a loved ones may want to determine if they can apply for workers’ compensation benefits.

Source:, “One Dead, One Injured Working On Tulsa Fairgrounds Skyride,” Dee Durn and Erin Conrad, Sept. 12, 2015


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