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Truck accidents: Improperly secured lumber causes Oklahoma death

Numerous individuals put their lives at risk every day simply by traveling on the roadways. Though many people rarely consider their daily commute life threatening, car and truck accidents often prove fatal, and anyone could be caught in such a situation. Because there is a chance of death in these incidents, such events could result in a victim’s surviving family filing civil claims.

One family in Oklahoma may be looking into their legal options after a recent accident. Reports stated that a truck carrying lumber attempted to make a right turn when the improperly-secured load shifted on the trailer. This shift caused multiple pieces of lumber to fall from the trailer and hit a pickup truck that was traveling in the other lane. One piece went through the windshield of the pickup.

The accident caused the pickup truck driver to suffer fatal injuries, and authorities believe that the man’s death was almost instantaneous. He was reported as being 53 years old. It was also reported that the accident likely could have been avoided if the lumber had been correctly secured to the truck. It was not mentioned whether any charges would result from the incident.

Regardless of criminal charges, the family of the man killed in this Oklahoma incident — and other individuals similarly affected by truck accidents — may have cause to file a civil claim. A claim for wrongful death against the truck driver, trucking company and other parties potentially responsible could help the surviving loved ones seek justice and compensation for their loss. Information on such action may help them determine whether they would like to follow this legal route.

Source:, “Oklahoma man killed after piece of lumber pierces windshield“, K. Querry, Dec. 21, 2016

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