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Those with lower back injuries may want to seek workers’ comp

Construction workers, carpenters, plumbers and factory workers all provide important services for the people of Tulsa. However, working these types of laborious jobs may eventually have a significant impact on a worker’s health. Injuries are common, not only affecting a worker’s health but also his or her ability to work at all. One common type of injury workers suffer on the job are injuries to their lower back.


Back pain can be absolutely debilitating. In fact, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, more than 1 million employees suffer from back pain annually. Moreover, it is estimated that on average as much as $11 billion of the expenses associated with lower back injuries are covered by workers’ compensation. These claims can climb to over $8,300, which is 50 percent more than any other type of injuries covered by workers’ compensation combined.


Injuries to an individual’s lower back can be complex. According to the National Safety Council, one cause of lower back injuries suffered at work is overexertion. Back injuries can damage a person’s back tendons, the ligaments in a person’s back and back muscles. Some causes of back injuries are slip-and-fall incidents, cumulative trauma, exerting oneself unexpectedly or using one’s back muscles improperly while bending down or handling heavy loads. Moreover, once a person suffers a back injury it is more likely that they could suffer additional back injuries in the future.


If you have suffered a lower back injury, you may find that your life is negatively affected. Not only may you be unable to work, but you may also find it difficult to accomplish your daily life activities. Treatment of lower back injuries can be expensive, and therefore, learning more about workers’ compensation benefits may be important for workers who cannot return to their jobs for a certain period of time.

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