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Any worker who suffers an injury during the course of his or her employment might be entitled to workers’ compensation, which may come from state or federal workers’ compensation agencies, insurance companies or even by the employers themselves. Most employers are required to have workers’ compensation in case a worker suffers from any workplace injuries. In most cases, it is a form of self- insurance. However, in rare cases, the employer might prefer using the services of an insurance company.

While most disability benefits do not adversely affect other disability benefits, workers’ compensation has the potential to affect workers’ rights to disability benefits. The Social Security Administration usually calculates the total amount of disability benefits for which the worker is eligible, which is set at 80 percent of the total salary that the worker was receiving before he or she suffered the workplace injury.

The total disability benefits received are calculated as a cumulative of the disability benefits received by the Social Security Administration, along with workers’ compensation benefits, as well as any other benefits that are being received by the worker. The SSA uses various methods and formulae to calculate the amount of average salary that was being received by the worker prior to the workplace injury.

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Workplace accidents can render an employee disabled for life. Such accidents may lead to severe complications and physical injuries that may require years of physical therapy, medication and rehabilitation. In some cases workplace injuries may even result in fatalities. The attorneys at Hawkins Law Firm have championed the rights of these victims for decades.

According to Oklahoma law, most companies and employers must have insurance in lieu of workers’ compensation. However, many of the injured victims of workplace injuries find it difficult to qualify for workers’ compensation. Having professional legal help in order to establish a workers’ compensation case may be beneficial to most injured workers and their dependents.

Workplace injuries often put an injured worker out of work. In cases where the worker was the sole breadwinner of the family, their financial pressures may become very serious. Paying for the exorbitant medical bills in addition to an already adverse financial situation is very difficult for most families. The attorneys at Hawkins Law Firm have access to medical and legal experts that may be able to formulate a solid case in a court of law.

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No matter what the job, there will always be risks involved. For this reason, workers are fortunate that Oklahoma laws are sound when it comes to workers’ compensation, so workers may obtain benefits after suffering from workplace injuries or an occupational disease. However, employers should also be aware of their duties, responsibilities and limitations when it comes to workers’ compensation benefits since their participation is crucial when obtaining these benefits.

Are companies that employ family members required to give workers’ compensation? Not necessarily. If a business employs five or fewer employees who are all related, either by blood or marriage, to the employer, that employer is not required to provide them insurance coverage.

How can Oklahoma companies get the insurance coverage for their workers? The state requires companies, assuming they fall under the necessary requirements, cover their employees with workers’ compensation insurance. Employers can obtain insurance from CompSource Oklahoma or buy it from a private insurance firm. Regardless of who handles the insurance, the benefits will remain unchanged.

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