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Across the United States, thousands of people die every year as a result of fatal motor vehicle accidents. Those fatal motor vehicle accidents often have far-reaching consequences, both personally and financially. The loss of a loved one paired with funeral expenses and loss of earning can have a devastating effect on a family’s well-being. In some situations, a fatality in such an accident may be considered a wrongful death, and state laws allow for the deceased accident victim’s family members to claim compensation.

An instance where the death of a motorist was caused by the negligence or recklessness of another driver might be considered grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit. The accident victim’s surviving family members may have the legal right to sue the other driver for wrongdoing and claim damages and compensation for their loss. This may include the recovery of lost income and benefits, along with compensation for pain and suffering.

Medical bills accrued prior to the death of the accident victim as well as wages lost as an indirect result of the accident can also be recovered in the event that the family chooses to sue for compensation. The compensation will be divided among the heirs. Such compensation can at least help the family members address some of the financial issues that come up after the accident.

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Oklahoma residents can suffer catastrophic injuries which may lead to a loss of mobility. A spinal cord injury, or SCI, can make life difficult for an individual. The injured victim will need training, support and vocational rehabilitation to overcome the injuries and re-enter the workforce. Medical and rehabilitation costs can lead to serious financial concerns, which are often challenging hurdles for people with catastrophic injuries.

The pain and suffering can be mitigated if an individual is able to lead a successful career at work following the injury. Research has shown that an individual with a SCI is happier if the person has a successful work-life balance. There are state and federal laws that help protect individuals with SCIs. The Americans with Disability Act forbids employers from discriminating against any person with a disability. If the person has relevant skills and is capable with those skills in the workplace, the employer cannot discriminate against the person.

In order to qualify under the ADA, the person must have a disability that limits regular activities. An employer must also make reasonable accommodations for the disabled person; this is dependent upon the employers’ own financial resources.

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The untimely or accidental death of a loved one is always a challenging time. Besides the emotional pain brought by a sudden death, surviving families can suffer financial problems as well. When the death is caused by the wrongful or negligent conduct of another party, Oklahoma families have the right to seek justice and minimize financial repercussions by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

What is a wrongful death lawsuit? A wrongful death lawsuit is a legal action that holds a person or entity responsible for the untimely death of a person due to medical malpractice, unsafe premises, a motor vehicle accident, a defective product or other negligence or wrongdoing. The lawsuit asserts that if not for the conduct of the entity or person, the fatal accident would not have happened. The plaintiffs can seek monetary damages including reimbursement for medical and funeral expenses, loss of financial support, loss of companionship, the grief of surviving children, parents and spouse, and the mental pain and suffering of the decedent.

Who can file the lawsuit? The personal representative of the decedent can file the lawsuit on behalf of surviving family members. It is generally recommended that the personal representative hire an attorney to prepare the lawsuit and represent the family’s interests in court.

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Most people only know that burns can range in severity and are classified by three degrees-first, second and third. However, what many Americans, including those in Oklahoma, may not know is that a burn injury has many classifications and these types of injuries are a growing concern in the United States.

According to the American Burn Association’s 2013 fact sheet, there have been 450,000 cases of people receiving treatment for burn injuries across the United States. The figure was obtained through federal surveys, which gather data from emergency situations and hospital admissions. However, the figure could be much larger since other burn injuries could have been treated at private facilities or health centers in the community. On average, there are 3,400 deaths caused by burn injuries, fire and smoke inhalation each year. These categories of deaths are grouped together since it cannot always be determined if these kinds of deaths were due to burns, smoke inhalation or both.

Common knowledge dictates that burn injuries are caused by fires and while that is certainly true, burns also can be caused by other means, as well. Thirty-four percent of burns come from scalding liquids, nine percent occur after coming into contact with hot surfaces and four and three percent, respectively, are caused by incidents involving electrical power and chemical. Also, those injuries are not limited to a residential setting. Nine percent of burn injuries happen in the workplace, while another five percent happen on the street or highway.

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A woman has received a ticket for failure to yield for her role in a Tulsa car accident. That accident involved a Tulsa Police Department cruiser. The woman and her three children as well as the police officer all suffered injuries in the crash.

The car accident happened on Sept. 9 a little after 6 p.m. The woman was in a 2010 Mazda and was attempting to make a left turn off of Hartford Avenue. The officer was headed west on 46th Street North. According to reports, the officer had a green light and was proceeding through the intersection when the woman’s Mazda crashed into his patrol car.

Everyone involved in the accident was injured. There was no word on the ages of the woman’s children, but she and the kids were taken to Hillcrest Medical Center. Their injuries were said to be non-life threatening. The officer was transported to another hospital.

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A drowsy driver may have caused an Interstate 35 accident that involved three semi trucks and sent one driver to the hospital.

The truck accident occurred in Oklahoma near mile marker 20 when a southbound driver of a Freightliner hit the back of another southbound Peterbilt. The driver of Freightliner tried to correct as he veered off the road. As he came back onto the highway, he hit another semi.

The Freightliner’s driver suffered multiple injuries in the crash. After initial treatment at a local hospital, he was transferred to the OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City. The driver was in stable condition.

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