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In their day-to-day lives, Oklahoma residents have to visit a number of places where people are accompanied by their dogs. This can be at parks and playgrounds, at the homes of family and friends, on a rented property or if the person is a postman, deliveryman or a repairman who has to deliver something to a dog owner’s property in an official capacity. Unfortunately, sometimes, a dog may turn violent and attack the visitor.

According to Oklahoma laws, a dog owner can be held liable for damages caused to a third person if the dog bites a person without provocation while that person is on private or public property. If the injured person was invited onto the private property for official duties, like repairs or deliveries, or that person was on public property such as a park or a sidewalk, that person has a legal right to be there. A dog owner is also liable for injuries to a tenant who has the right to be on the property.

Many people think that dog bites are minor injuries but the truth is that dog bites can have catastrophic effects on the victims — physically and emotionally. In fact, it is not uncommon for a dog bite victim to need plastic surgery or other medical procedure as a result of a dog bite. However, even with the surgery, the dog bite victim may still be disfigured, which can have a long-term emotional impact. Due to those factors, claims arising from dog bites are often more complicated than other personal injury cases.

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Property owners are required under federal and Oklahoma laws to follow proper safety procedures and make sure that anyone entering their property is not injured due to an inherent danger on the property. One such federal act is the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act. Public pools are also subjected to the same rules.

As bodies of water, pools and spas are inherently more dangerous than most other surfaces. Pool safety is becoming a great cause of concern under premises liability laws in Oklahoma. All public pools, including pools and spas found in residential apartments open to all residents and their guests, fall under the purview of this federal law.

In addition to residential pools and spas, government and public pools may also be subjected to the same premises liabilities laws. Furthermore, any pools that are used for physical therapies by medical practitioners as well as baptismal pools used by churches are governed by the premises liabilities laws. Even hotels which have public pools for recreational activities are governed by the pool safety laws outlined under Oklahoma premises liability laws. Any victim of a pool injury may engage the services of an experienced lawyer in order to initiate a premises liability lawsuit.

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Oklahoma business establishments are required by law to keep Oklahomans safe whenever they are within their premises. Otherwise, when an accident happens and an Oklahoman is injured, the victim can hold the establishment liable through a premises liability lawsuit. While that may seem like an easy recourse for a victim, the legal action can be complex. For this reason, our Tulsa-based law firm is willing to lend its expertise to victims.

Most people may think that premises liability injuries are mere bumps and bruises from slips and falls. However, a victim can also suffer a catastrophic injury. Head trauma and spinal damage are not uncommon in such injuries. So are burns and other disfiguring injuries. Our law firm has extensive experience and knowledge in handling such cases. Our firm is perceived as an advocate for victims of catastrophic injuries. We make it our mission to seek the best possible outcome for victims.

In this sort of situation, victims will need sufficient compensation for treatment and other miscellaneous expenses. Some defendants and their insurance companies will move heaven and earth to make sure that money damages are held to a minimum, hence, compromising the needs of the victim. Our lawyers will use their skill and experience to make sure that does not happen to our clients. Whether the case ends in a settlement or a verdict, we make sure that victims are not shortchanged.

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In July, the Oklahoma Supreme Court decided a premises liability case that dealt with open and obvious dangers. In general, a property owner is not liable if the danger is easily spotted.

The Mercedes-Benz dealer in Oklahoma City hosted a catered event. A woman working the event had to cross grass and a sidewalk coated in ice. Precipitation was not the cause and the roads were not slick. The dealer’s sprinkler system had been activated overnight while the temperature was below the freezing point causing the ice. Even while walking carefully down an incline, the woman slipped, fell onto her back and suffered injuries.

When she told a dealership employee about the accident, the employee said, “[y]eah, I should have [put salt down] when I got here.”

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