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Any Oklahoman who has suffered an injury, even if it is a minor one, knows that there is a process that comes with the injury. First, he or she will undergo medical treatment and then the process of recovery will begin. Most injured parties will need money, as well as some time to heal. However, when a catastrophic injury occurs, these needs grow exponentially, which can leave an injured person’s future in jeopardy. In such a situation, our Creek County-based law firm is ready to help.

Oklahomans with catastrophic injuries, like a brain injury, loss of a limb, burn injury or fracture, will need an ample amount of finances to cover their medical expenses, recoup lost wages and pay for long-term care. Unfortunately, some defendants and insurance companies often aim to limit damages that compromise the needs of the victims. Our personal injury lawyers are aware of such claims and will do whatever is necessary to safeguard a victim’s future.

We understand the circumstances that catastrophic injury victims and their families face. Besides the financial disruption caused by the injury, there also are physical and emotional elements involved. Victims and their families can no longer enjoy the same activities they took pleasure in doing. Even the simplest of activities can be compromised. Defendants and insurance companies fail to see this. However, our skilled lawyers will make sure that the court realizes the extent of a victim’s suffering.

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A woman has received a ticket for failure to yield for her role in a Tulsa car accident. That accident involved a Tulsa Police Department cruiser. The woman and her three children as well as the police officer all suffered injuries in the crash.

The car accident happened on Sept. 9 a little after 6 p.m. The woman was in a 2010 Mazda and was attempting to make a left turn off of Hartford Avenue. The officer was headed west on 46th Street North. According to reports, the officer had a green light and was proceeding through the intersection when the woman’s Mazda crashed into his patrol car.

Everyone involved in the accident was injured. There was no word on the ages of the woman’s children, but she and the kids were taken to Hillcrest Medical Center. Their injuries were said to be non-life threatening. The officer was transported to another hospital.

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