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Many people would agree that living life with a traumatic brain injury is difficult because this type of injury can make even the simplest tasks seem challenging. Authorities in Oklahoma and the rest of the country understand these challenges and therefore, offer brain injury victims the necessary help so that they can regain their health and resume work in order to continue living normally.

In Oklahoma, the Department of Rehabilitation Services provides employment assistance to victims of traumatic brain injury through its Vocational Rehabilitation Division. The services provided by this division include counseling and guidance regarding job placements. The division also helps traumatic brain injury victims overcome their various disability-based barriers that they face when looking for a job.

According to existing rules, an individual is eligible for assistance from the Department of Rehabilitation Services if the person has a mental disability which prevents regular work. Additionally, that person should be able to benefit from the program in terms of employment and there should be enough evidence to suggest that the person applying for the services actually needs them. Applications can be filed at the department offices located throughout the state.

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Despite being cautious, motorcycle riders in Oklahoma can still get injured when negligent drivers are on the road. Since motorcycles provide no protection for riders, motorcycle accidents can often result in serious harm, such as a spine or brain injury. Besides being injured, victims can also suffer the burden of shouldering the medical costs and other expenses. However, when the accident is caused by someone else’s negligence, victims need not suffer financial injuries as well. Our Tulsa-based law firm can help victims during this challenging time.

Our experienced lawyers will aggressively fight for the rights of victims. More importantly, we will make sure that they receive the compensation that they truly deserve. Besides dealing with the negligent party, insurance companies often give victims a hard time. These companies often place the blame on the motorcyclists in order to deny claims. They also seek to minimize claims, leaving an injured victim with insufficient funds for recovery.

This is where our law firm has a distinctive advantage. Earlier in his career, our law firm’s namesake represented insurance law firms, so he knows the strategies that they employ. More than that, he knows how to overcome their dubious tactics that pressure victims to accept one-sided settlements. Our lawyers will make sure that victims receive compensation that covers past and present damages, as well as possible damages that can occur in the future because of their injuries.

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In June, many Oklahomans felt the same shock other Americans did when they heard of the truck accident in New Jersey that severely injured comedian Tracy Morgan and two of his friends. As it turns out, Morgan sustained a catastrophic injury that may leave him with permanent impairments because of brain damage. His legal team is continuing to pursue a personal injury case on his behalf against the company they believe was responsible for the accident.

According to an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board, the truck driver, who was working for retail giant Wal-Mart, fell asleep while driving and hit the comedian’s limousine van stopped in a construction zone on the Turnpike. The truck driver was estimated to be going 65 mph where the posted speed was 45 miles per hour. The crash also killed one comic in the van.

A lawsuit filed in September holds Wal-Mart and the driver responsible. It seeks compensatory and punitive damages from the company. In response to the legal action, Wal-Mart claimed the limousine van passengers bore responsibility because they were not wearing seatbelts. In addition to facing criminal charges, the truck driver is being held accountable in a separate lawsuit.

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Any Oklahoman who has suffered an injury, even if it is a minor one, knows that there is a process that comes with the injury. First, he or she will undergo medical treatment and then the process of recovery will begin. Most injured parties will need money, as well as some time to heal. However, when a catastrophic injury occurs, these needs grow exponentially, which can leave an injured person’s future in jeopardy. In such a situation, our Creek County-based law firm is ready to help.

Oklahomans with catastrophic injuries, like a brain injury, loss of a limb, burn injury or fracture, will need an ample amount of finances to cover their medical expenses, recoup lost wages and pay for long-term care. Unfortunately, some defendants and insurance companies often aim to limit damages that compromise the needs of the victims. Our personal injury lawyers are aware of such claims and will do whatever is necessary to safeguard a victim’s future.

We understand the circumstances that catastrophic injury victims and their families face. Besides the financial disruption caused by the injury, there also are physical and emotional elements involved. Victims and their families can no longer enjoy the same activities they took pleasure in doing. Even the simplest of activities can be compromised. Defendants and insurance companies fail to see this. However, our skilled lawyers will make sure that the court realizes the extent of a victim’s suffering.

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