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Motor vehicle accidents on Oklahoma roads result in many instances of severe injury to Oklahomans every year. The consequences of some motor vehicle accidents lead to fatalities. All modes of transportation are vulnerable to accidents. In many cases the victims may suffer major fractures or disabilities that compromise the rest of their lives. The attorneys at Hawkins Law Firm have successfully represented victims of motor vehicle accidents for decades.

Motor vehicles vary in size and weight which can greatly affect the severity of injury sustained in an accident. A motorcycle rider or a bicyclist is vulnerable to greater injury in a motor vehicle accident, because collision with a car or truck can result in devastating injury due to lack of protection. A majority of motor vehicle accidents are linked with distracted driving, which can take the form of driving while intoxicated, texting while driving, driving under the influence or even talking on the cell phone while driving.

If a motor vehicle driver is found guilty of any traffic violation which causes an accident, the accident victim may be entitled to compensation from the driver, his or her car insurance company, or in the event of one with a commercial driver, the company that employs the driver.

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Despite being cautious, motorcycle riders in Oklahoma can still get injured when negligent drivers are on the road. Since motorcycles provide no protection for riders, motorcycle accidents can often result in serious harm, such as a spine or brain injury. Besides being injured, victims can also suffer the burden of shouldering the medical costs and other expenses. However, when the accident is caused by someone else’s negligence, victims need not suffer financial injuries as well. Our Tulsa-based law firm can help victims during this challenging time.

Our experienced lawyers will aggressively fight for the rights of victims. More importantly, we will make sure that they receive the compensation that they truly deserve. Besides dealing with the negligent party, insurance companies often give victims a hard time. These companies often place the blame on the motorcyclists in order to deny claims. They also seek to minimize claims, leaving an injured victim with insufficient funds for recovery.

This is where our law firm has a distinctive advantage. Earlier in his career, our law firm’s namesake represented insurance law firms, so he knows the strategies that they employ. More than that, he knows how to overcome their dubious tactics that pressure victims to accept one-sided settlements. Our lawyers will make sure that victims receive compensation that covers past and present damages, as well as possible damages that can occur in the future because of their injuries.

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