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Excessive speed can be a contributing factor in many crashes that take place on the roadways. When speed is a cause, auto accidents involving only one vehicle could easily prove deadly. In such cases, the families of passengers killed may wish to seek justice for their losses and pursue compensation for damages resulting from the fatal events.

One family may be taking such action after a recent fatal crash in Oklahoma. Reports stated that only one vehicle was involved in the incident, and there were two individuals inside at the time of the crash. The vehicle was apparently traveling at a high rate of speed when it collided with a concrete barrier. As a result, both occupants were ejected from the car. The incident happened around 2 a.m.

The 29-year-old man and 24-year-old man both suffered fatal injuries as a result of the incident and were declared dead at the accident site. At the time of the report, authorities were not certain which individual may have been driving. They are continuing to investigate and additional information may be available at a later time.

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Fatal crashes come under the scrutiny of not only the authorities but also those who were negatively affected by such an incident. Family members who lose loved ones in car accidents may wish to learn as much as possible about the accidents in hopes of understanding what happened. This information could also prove useful in the event that surviving family and seriously injured parties would like to file legal claims.

Such claims could stem from a recent accident that took place in Oklahoma. Reports stated that a 38-year-old man was driving a vehicle when he was unable to keep the vehicle on the roadway. The driver then over corrected, which caused his car to cross into the opposite lanes of travel where it collided with a second vehicle.

The second vehicle was being driven by a 48-year-old woman, and there were also three children inside the vehicle at the time. The man driving the first vehicle was apparently the only occupant, and he was ejected from the car, which led to him suffering fatal injuries. A child in the second vehicle was also killed, and the woman and another child were considered to be in critical condition. The third child was considered stable.

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The hazards that people face on the roadways rarely stop those individuals from traveling. Unfortunately, some travelers may not be able to avoid the hazards and are involved in serious car or motorcycle accidents that could have fatal results. The families of these deceased victims may have to wait for answers from the investigations into the accidents, but they may also wish to be proactive and consider what steps they could possibly take to seek justice.

It was recently reported that an accident involving a car and a motorcycle took place in Oklahoma, and as a result, one family may be considering their legal options. Apparently, the motorcyclist was traveling south at approximately 5 p.m. when that individual approached an intersection. At that time, a car entered the intersection and crashed into the motorcycle, ejecting the rider.

The motorcyclist suffered fatal injuries as a result of the incident and was pronounced deceased at the scene. Identifying information pertaining to the victim was not released. The accident was still under investigation at the time of the report, but it was noted that some local residents were concerned that road construction in the area could potentially contribute to such accidents.

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Though there are many risks that may present themselves while traveling, many individuals accept those potential risks in order to get to their destinations. Unfortunately, many travelers may find themselves involved in serious car accidents due to having been unable to avoid certain hazards. Drunk drivers are one particular hazard that could easily claim the lives of innocent victims.

One such accident in Oklahoma recently resulted in the death of one individual. Reports stated that a driver was speeding and driving recklessly when his vehicle struck multiple vehicles. After colliding with three vehicles, the driver continued until a fourth vehicle and two motorcycles were struck. He ran over the bikers before flipping the vehicle he was driving.

One of the motorcyclists suffered fatal injuries. Two other individuals on the motorcycles were apparently in critical condition. The erratic driver was taken to an area hospital due to undisclosed injuries. Because authorities suspected the man to have been under the influence at the time, it is planned for him to be taken into custody and formally accused of a crime once discharged from the hospital.

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Some auto accidents have texting and driving as their cause. Victims of crashes caused by texting drivers may be able to get compensation for the medical expenses for their accident injuries and for other impacts the accident has had on them. Individuals hurt in such collisions may want a skilled traffic accident attorney’s help when trying to navigate legal issues regarding accident compensation.

The list of things drivers could get mentally distracted by when at the wheel is exceptionally long. Every type of distracted driving has dangers. Now, is texting while driving just another dangerous mental distraction a driver could end up engaging in or are there special things about it that can create added dangers on top of those mental driving distractions generally raise. A recent study indicates the latter may be the case.

In the study, researchers had the participants (there were just under 60 of them) do a driving simulation under various different circumstances.

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When a car accident occurs in Tulsa, whether it is a rear-end collision or a simple fender-bender, the drivers may simply exchange insurance information, call a tow truck if necessary and go on their way, albeit probably in a pretty bad mood. However, it can help to call the police to even a minor accident so that an official police report can be generated.

Police reports consist of the officer’s written memories regarding the accident. Such reports may be a good source of evidence regarding which party was at fault. For example, an officer may be able to note whether a driver was driving above the posted speed limit based on skid-marks on the road. A police report can also contain information about any citations that were issued due to infractions of traffic laws, such as failure to yield or running a red light. Police reports can be very helpful for those seeking compensation from their insurance company.

That being said, sometimes a police report contains an error. If it is an error in fact, such as the wrong license plate number or incorrect insurance information, it may be possible to amend the police report simply by providing the police with the correct information.

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Distracted driving is an issue in Oklahoma. After all, who hasn’t seen someone talking on a cellphone, eating or putting on makeup while driving. However, it only takes a split second of taking your eyes off the road to cause a fatal car accident.

For example, while many restaurants, stores and other locations prohibit smoking on their premises, many people still smoke in their own vehicles. Lighting up a cigarette or putting one out can keep a driver from focusing on the road.

Next, let’s take on another distracting behavior: adjusting components of the vehicle. For example, maybe you are rolling windows up or down, adjusting mirrors, tuning the radio or adjusting the temperature. These are all distracting behaviors. Adjustments should be done before you hit the road, not while you are driving.

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An Oklahoma man was killed recently after being struck by another driver in North Tulsa, who then allegedly tried to flee the scene of the accident. The 68-year-old victim was driving a pickup truck northbound at approximately 2:00 p.m. when another vehicle — a Nissan Altima — ran through a stop sign, striking the victim’s vehicle. When law enforcement officials got to the scene of the accident, they saw bystanders keeping the driver of the Nissan Altima from fleeing the scene of the accident after he allegedly attempted to do so.

The victim was transported to an area hospital, but ultimately succumbed to his injuries and died. In addition, the victim’s 20-year-old son was also in the pickup truck at the time of the accident. The collision propelled the 20-year-old man out of the pickup truck. He was also sent to the hospital with injuries that have been described as severe.

Tragic car accidents such as this serve as grim reminders that no one is safe from a negligent driver. Hit-and-run accidents can be especially difficult, particularly if one is unable to identify the individual who caused the accident. However, leaving the scene of an accident you have caused is a crime, and police are generally getting better all the time at tracking down hit-and-run drivers.

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School bus drivers have an important responsibility. They are trusted to take Oklahoma’s children to and from school safely, and so they must undergo background checks and driving tests. Unfortunately, school buses must share the road with other people who are not so careful, and so school buses can be involved in an accident with a negligent driver.

One recent accident in Sand Springs involved a school bus and a pickup truck driver. According to reports, the bus was transporting approximately 50 children home from Limestone Elementary School. A trailer that had been hitched to the pickup truck came loose and was then hit by the school bus. Police said the pickup driver fled the scene.

According to reports, a number of children were thrown forward due to the collision. One child suffered a neck injury.

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When you are too tired to drive, it is imperative that you refrain from getting behind the wheel of a car until you have had an adequate amount of rest. After all, a strong cup of coffee, rolling the windows down for fresh air or turning up the volume of the radio cannot erase the fact that drowsy driving is risky behavior. These risks are amplified when a driver is operating a semi-truck that weighs tens of thousands of pounds. When it comes to a collision between a semi-truck and a standard automobile in Tulsa, the semi-truck almost always wins, causing significant damage, injuries or even death.

For these reasons, the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates the number of hours that truck drivers can be on the road. There are regulations that specifically apply to property-carrying drivers that most of our readers are used to seeing on the roads.

First of all, truck drivers are only permitted to drive for a maximum of 11 hours at a time, and only after they have been off duty for 10 consecutive hours. In fact, after coming on duty, truck drivers may not operate their vehicles more than 14 consecutive hours, and only after they have been off duty for 10 consecutive hours.

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