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Police reports may help in all types of car accidents

When a car accident occurs in Tulsa, whether it is a rear-end collision or a simple fender-bender, the drivers may simply exchange insurance information, call a tow truck if necessary and go on their way, albeit probably in a pretty bad mood. However, it can help to call the police to even a minor accident so that an official police report can be generated.


Police reports consist of the officer’s written memories regarding the accident. Such reports may be a good source of evidence regarding which party was at fault. For example, an officer may be able to note whether a driver was driving above the posted speed limit based on skid-marks on the road. A police report can also contain information about any citations that were issued due to infractions of traffic laws, such as failure to yield or running a red light. Police reports can be very helpful for those seeking compensation from their insurance company.


That being said, sometimes a police report contains an error. If it is an error in fact, such as the wrong license plate number or incorrect insurance information, it may be possible to amend the police report simply by providing the police with the correct information.


However, if you believe the police report contains an error regarding fault, amending it becomes more challenging. There may be different procedures for challenging a police report on the grounds of who was at fault, depending on the requirements of the police department at issue. It may help to have an attorney in situations like this to evaluate your case.


As you can see, police reports can be helpful no matter whether the accident was a major one or a minor one. The police may be available to help at times like these, and the reports they generate based on the accident may be very useful in pursuing compensation and assigning liability.


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