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One injured after “dropped cellphone” triggers multiple crashes

Distracted driving can often to prove to be rather dangerous and injurious, not only for the distracted driver, but also for others who occupy the road with that driver, such as those in the car with him or her, the occupants of other vehicles, pedestrians, motorcycle riders and bicyclists. Distracted driving is defined as any instance where the driver of a car or truck loses focus on the road while driving due to any external stimuli.

Such stimuli causing a distraction might include driving while texting, driving while talking on a cellphone or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Oklahoma laws strictly prohibit distracted driving in order to ensure that the roads are safe. Many injured victims of car accidents often consult legal professionals who specialize in accident cases in order to seek full compensation for their injuries.

Recently a three-vehicle car accident was reported in Tulsa. The preliminary investigation conducted by law enforcement authorities revealed that the driver of one of the trucks involved was found to have engaged in distracted driving when he reached down to pick up a dropped cellphone. During the moments required to retrieve the phone, the driver took his eyes off the road and lost control of his vehicle, which ultimately caused the multi-vehicle accident.

This accident occurred during the morning rush hours when the distracted driver crashed into a truck, which led to a chain reaction that resulted in a three-vehicle accident. The accident caused serious physical injuries for those involved. One driver who was involved in the car accident suffered lacerations and a possibly broken arm. He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Source:, “Dropped cell phone leads to chain-reaction Tulsa crash,” Dee Duren, May 11, 2015


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