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Oklahoma worker dies after being trapped in a trench

Industrial work is a profession fraught with dangers. Even if appropriate safety precautions are taken, accidents can still happen. That being said, workers should never be placed in dangerous situations if they can be avoided. Whether it is becoming trapped under objects, falls or accidents involving industrial equipment, industrial workers can be hurt or even killed while on the job.


Recently, an industrial worker in Edmond, Oklahoma, lost his life in a workplace accident. The victim was working in a 20-foot-deep trench when it collapsed. The victim was trapped under the dirt and could not escape. The accident took place around 4:20 p.m.; the victim’s body was recovered approximately two hours after midnight. His exact cause of death is still being examined.


When a worker dies in an industrial accident his or her survivors may be placed in a difficult financial situation. Of course, they are left to make ends meet in the absence of the salary their loved one earned. However, they may also have to cope with other expenses as well. For example, not all victims of workplace accidents are killed instantly. Sometimes they incur medical expenses prior to their death. In addition, once the worker passes on there are funeral and burial expenses to contend with.


For all of these reasons, the loved ones of those killed in a workplace accident may want to consider pursuing survivors benefits through the Oklahoma workers’ compensation system. However, applying for benefits can be difficult. It may help for individuals to consult with an attorney familiar with the workers’ compensation system, to make sure no crucial step is overlooked.

Source:, “Edmond officials release name of worker killed when trapped in trench,” Nov. 14, 2015


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