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Oklahoma pedestrian accident leads to catastrophic injury

Being a pedestrian can be a good way to get exercise, but it could also put individuals at risk if they are walking close to a roadway. If a vehicle veers from the road, pedestrians could be hit. Such an accident could result in catastrophic injury. After this type of incident, filing a civil lawsuit may be appropriate.

It was recently reported that a serious accident took place in Oklahoma. Reports indicated that a 19-year-old woman was walking along a roadway with a 10-month-old child when a vehicle left the roadway. The vehicle, which was carrying a man and a woman, struck the pedestrians as a result. The incident occurred just before 10 p.m.

The 19-year-old pedestrian suffered fatal injuries as a result of the accident. The child was transported from the scene by helicopter, and at the time of the report, he was reported as being in critical condition. The two individuals in the vehicle were not injured. Authorities were continuing to investigate when the report was posted, but it was noted that weather was not a factor.

Incidents that cause catastrophic injury to individuals are always tragic. The family of the young woman killed and child negatively affected by this Oklahoma accident may wish to explore their legal options. Filing wrongful death and/or personal injury civil claims could allow them to seek compensation for financial and emotional damages resulting from the accident. Speaking with an experienced attorney could help the better understand their possible avenues for pursuing restitution.

Source:, “Vehicle hits and kills Stillwater woman, infant in critical condition“, Oct. 17, 2016


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