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Oklahoma motorcycle accidents: Collision leads to fatality

The hazards that people face on the roadways rarely stop those individuals from traveling. Unfortunately, some travelers may not be able to avoid the hazards and are involved in serious car or motorcycle accidents that could have fatal results. The families of these deceased victims may have to wait for answers from the investigations into the accidents, but they may also wish to be proactive and consider what steps they could possibly take to seek justice.

It was recently reported that an accident involving a car and a motorcycle took place in Oklahoma, and as a result, one family may be considering their legal options. Apparently, the motorcyclist was traveling south at approximately 5 p.m. when that individual approached an intersection. At that time, a car entered the intersection and crashed into the motorcycle, ejecting the rider.

The motorcyclist suffered fatal injuries as a result of the incident and was pronounced deceased at the scene. Identifying information pertaining to the victim was not released. The accident was still under investigation at the time of the report, but it was noted that some local residents were concerned that road construction in the area could potentially contribute to such accidents.

Deaths caused by motorcycle accidents can be heartbreaking for surviving family members. In many cases, those individuals may wish to determine whether filing a civil claim against the driver considered at fault for an accident may be warranted for their circumstances. If so, a successful wrongful death claim could allow family members to be compensated for funeral expenses, emotional trauma and other damages permissible under Oklahoma law.

Source:, “Motorcyclist killed in Calera crash“, June 9, 2016


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