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Oklahoma lawyers specializing in workers’ compensation

Workplace accidents can render an employee disabled for life. Such accidents may lead to severe complications and physical injuries that may require years of physical therapy, medication and rehabilitation. In some cases workplace injuries may even result in fatalities. The attorneys at Hawkins Law Firm have championed the rights of these victims for decades.

According to Oklahoma law, most companies and employers must have insurance in lieu of workers’ compensation. However, many of the injured victims of workplace injuries find it difficult to qualify for workers’ compensation. Having professional legal help in order to establish a workers’ compensation case may be beneficial to most injured workers and their dependents.

Workplace injuries often put an injured worker out of work. In cases where the worker was the sole breadwinner of the family, their financial pressures may become very serious. Paying for the exorbitant medical bills in addition to an already adverse financial situation is very difficult for most families. The attorneys at Hawkins Law Firm have access to medical and legal experts that may be able to formulate a solid case in a court of law.

Workplace injuries may include slip-and-falls or even fractures and some industries are most susceptible to workplace injuries. Construction workers as well as workers in the transportation industry are found to be more vulnerable to workplace accidents than others.

In some cases, a strong law firm may be able to uncover any gross negligence by the employers which contributed to the employee’s workplace accident. This kind of aggressive research may help a victim as well as their relatives get due workers’ compensation in a court of law.


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