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Oklahoma dispute resolution in nursing home wrongful death

A number of Oklahoma residents are admitted into nursing homes every year for treatment of various ailments and diseases. As a result, Oklahoma nursing homes are subjected to a plethora of rules and regulations that must be mandatorily adhered to under both federal and Oklahoma regulations.

However, the heartbreaking reality is that most nursing homes do not comply with the stringent guidelines and rules they must follow. Various inspections and surprise checks and studies have shown that most nursing homes fail into approximately seven federal regulations and about 92 percent of nursing homes do not meet the various standards laid down by the federal government.

Nursing home abuse is a dark reality that plagues many residents on a daily basis. Families of nursing home residents often pay significant costs for the care and treatment of their loved ones. Typically, the elderly and chronically ill patients are admitted to nursing homes for prolonged treatment and care. In cases of nursing home abuse, costs and a speedy justice for the abused becomes a cause of concern. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services has introduced the method of Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) to help in such cases.

Patients and their loved ones often consult with experienced attorneys to lodge a proceeding against the nursing home through such IDR proceedings. In some cases, the nursing homes file an appeal to overturn the cases. Nonetheless, it was observed that the nursing home negligence is so severe in most cases that more than 98 percent of the severe nursing home abuse cases are awarded in favor of the patients and residents who have been victimized by the staff.

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