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Multiple-vehicle accident kills two on Oklahoma turnpike

While most Tulsa residents own and drive their own cars every day, it sometimes seems that few understand the amount of responsibility associated with driving a car. Cars conveniently and quickly transport people from one place to another. However, if not handled with proper care and attention, car accidents can result, often causing serious injuries and even fatalities. In most cases, it has been found that a car accident is usually caused by one of the drivers involved violating a traffic rule.

In a recent horrific turn of events, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has reported that two people were killed while inspecting the result of an earlier accident involving their car and pickup truck. While they were reviewing the collision, a tractor-trailer struck and killed them both while they were standing in the road. The truck’s impact led to the victims’ deaths, while the truck’s driver and passenger suffered minor injuries.

One of the major causes of car accidents in Tulsa is distracted driving. Distracted driving may include any activity or action that can cause the driver of a car or truck to take his or her attention from the road. Such forms of distracted driving often include driving while intoxicated, texting and driving or even talking on a cell phone while driving. On highways with high speed limits, such as the local turnpike, both car and truck drivers must be extremely attentive to avoid colliding with vehicles or people on the shoulder.

Victims of car accidents often suffer serious injuries including head trauma and injuries to the brain, spinal cord and neck. These kinds of injuries usually require prolonged medical care and rehabilitation which often prove to be very expensive. As a result, many car accident victims often initiate a lawsuit against the car driver as well as the driver’s insurance company to receive compensation for financial losses as well as any pain and suffering caused.

Source: Tulsa World, “Two killed in multi-vehicle crash involving semi on Will Rogers turnpike,” Kyle Hinchey, July 5, 2015


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