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Lack of workers’ compensation leads to Oklahoma lawsuit

Being injured while on the job can cause a variety of issues for the injured party. In many cases, employers have workers’ compensation insurance that can assist injured parties with financial issues resulting from the incident. However, if an individual does not receive compensation, there may be reason for further action to take place in hopes of gaining benefits.

One woman in Oklahoma is currently taking such action after being injured while working. Reports stated that the woman worked at a bed and breakfast. While working last year, she fell as she attempted to load barrels into the back of a pickup truck. The fall caused her to fracture both wrists and incur thousands of dollars in medical expenses. In addition to financial troubles, she was also unable to perform everyday tasks without assistance.

Reports stated that the woman’s employers did not have workers’ compensation insurance. As a result, she had to pay for all of her medical expenses on her own. The woman filed a legal claim in hopes of gaining compensation for the damages that she has faced since the incident.

When Oklahoma residents face such a serious situation, they may wish to seek assistance as they work toward their desired outcomes. Workers’ compensation can greatly benefit individuals who have suffered workplace injuries, and if those benefits are not provided as required by law, filing a legal claim may be warranted. If other individuals are facing similar circumstances, they may wish to look into their options and speak with experienced attorneys to determine which courses of action may be right for them.

Source:, “Employee Files Lawsuit Against Norman Bed And Breakfast“, Jessica Holley, Aug. 15, 2016


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