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Injured workers in Oklahoma may be interested in workers’ comp

Being injured on the job is a fear that many workers may have. These fears may be even more prevalent if there are safety issues within the work environment. Injured workers could be permanently impacted depending on the severity of the situation, and they may qualify for workers’ compensation. However, issues could arise when seeking such benefits.

Oklahoma residents may be interested in such a situation taking place in another state. Reports indicated that a 47-year-old man has a legal case open pertaining to a disputed workers’ compensation claim. The man was severely injured while working earlier this year, and he claims that there were safety issues at the recycling plant where he worked. One problem he had was that there were not enough staff members to perform duties.

This issue reportedly contributed to the accident that caused his injury. The man was working with a 500 lb. piece of machinery with only one other person when the machinery fell on the man’s arm. The incident resulted in tendons and muscles being severed, and doctors informed the man that he will likely have continuing problems due to the injury. Six months after the accident the man is still on pain medication.

This type of incident could happen to any worker, especially if the proper safety precautions have not been taken. If injured workers have filed for workers’ compensation and faced issues relating to their claims, they may have cause to pursue legal action. Consulting with experienced Oklahoma attorneys could help interested parties determine their best routes for moving forward.

Source:, “Ann Arbor recycling plant worker injured on the job speaks out“, Ryan Stanton, Aug. 29, 2016


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