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How Oklahoma works to increase commercial motor vehicle safety

Throughout the country, including in Oklahoma, most large motor vehicles such as semi-trailers and buses are categorized as commercial vehicles. In addition, smaller vehicles, such as taxis, delivery vans and vehicles that are used in the routine performance of business, are also categorized as commercial vehicles. Under Oklahoma law, vehicles and their operator must meet strict specifications and regulations so that they do not present safety threats to other motorists. These regulations also help ensure that anyone who operates these vehicles in a negligent manner will be held responsible for any necessary compensation or damages.

Enforcement of these provisions has been assigned to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, which has established a separate division-Troop S or OHP-S-to enforce all relevant commercial vehicle regulations. The stated objective of this Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit is to protect Oklahoma residents by curbing motor vehicle accidents that involve commercial vehicles. In addition to ensuring safety, the OHP-S also tries to prevent and stop criminal activities that can be committed using commercial motor vehicles, such as the smuggling of illegal goods, contraband and people.

The OHP-S is able to achieve its objectives through a three-pronged strategy. It analyzes statistical data and uses the results to develop and implement a commercial vehicle enforcement strategy. It also carries out problem-specific activities that affect the commercial vehicle industry. Finally, it educates not only those in commercial vehicle businesses, but also the general public about various aspects of commercial vehicle safety.

In addition, Troop S also ensures that all commercial vehicles in the state comply with federal and state laws so that the safety of Oklahoma residents is never compromised on the state’s roadways. To facilitate this objective, OHP-S regularly coordinates its activities with various state and federal agencies, the trucking industry and representatives of the general public.

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