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How Oklahoma Senate Bill 306 affects workers’ compensation

Under Oklahoma law, employers in the state must obtain workers’ compensation insurance to pay any financial obligations that arise when workers are injured in the course of their employment. Employers are generally liable for the medical bills of their workers as well as for any lost income because of disabilities resulting from workplace injuries. Fortunately, the automatic requirement for workers’ compensation insurance generally proves beneficial not only for workers but also for their employers themselves who gain some immunity by being insured against further workers’ compensation claims.

In 2009, Senate Bill 306 amended the Oklahoma Municipal Code. The bill mandates that every employer which issues building permits to get a certificate of insurance – showing general liability insurance in the correct amount – from a proper insurer under the rules and guidelines of the Construction Industries Board. Exempt employers must complete all necessary procedures to complete an affidavit that establishes their workers’ compensation exemption as well as necessary fact sheets required by state authorities.

The Oklahoma Department of Labor is responsible for ensuring that all workers’ compensation schemes implemented by employers will be effective when needed. Currently, the Construction Industries Board requires a minimum of $50,000 in insurance for companies to satisfy the law.

Injured workers and their dependents or other loved ones can initiate a workers’ compensation lawsuit with the help of legal professionals. Workers who qualify for workers’ comp benefits can receive coverage of their medical bills as well as compensation for any lost wages. Such benefits can often include disability benefits for some period of time as deemed reasonable by state authorities – and even lifelong coverage of medical expenses in some cases. In incidents where workers die because of workplace accidents, workers’ compensation can also cover some funeral expenses.

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