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How can Oklahoma’s shopping malls protect shoppers?

Oklahomans, like many Americans, will pack shopping malls this holiday season as they buy gifts for their loved ones. But shoppers have more company than just other shoppers. Thieves and other criminals take as much advantage of unsuspecting crowds of shoppers as they can. Because shopping malls can face liability if they fail to keep shoppers safe, they must be mindful of safety practices that can help protect shoppers.

Beef up security. As the numbers of shoppers increase, so should the number of mall security personnel who look after shoppers and patrol a mall’s interior and exterior. Mall managers can also add security escorts who look after shoppers as they leave the mall and head to their vehicles, especially at night. Additional help from local police officers may also be available.

Increase the number of eyes and light up the scene. Adding closed-circuit television cameras can help monitor the most problematic areas of the mall, especially parking lots. Additional lighting can also help prevent criminal activity. Criminals avoid well-lit areas because it makes them easier to identify.

Enroll mall tenants and employees to act as extra security personnel. By simply training store owners and employees how to spot and deal with criminals, mall managers can enhance mall security.

If any Oklahoman is victimized by a criminal in a shopping mall and there is evidence the mall was negligent, the victim can file a premises liability lawsuit. A shopper can hold a mall liable if he or she sustains an injury that was caused by negligence on the part of the mall, whether it is a minor or catastrophic injury. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, a victim may be able to recover compensation for the mall’s negligence.

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