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Holding truck drivers and truck companies responsible for crashes

Semi-trucks are an important part of commerce in Tulsa and across the United States. While they make it possible for Oklahomans to purchase goods from all over the nation, safety should not be compromised in order to reach these goals. Unfortunately, sometimes truck drivers and truck companies cause otherwise preventable accidents that have the potential to injure or kill other motorists.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding, drowsy driving and poor driving are the most common reasons why truck accidents take place. Although laws and regulations are in place to keep motorists safe, truck accidents still occur. Truck drivers may feel pressured into making deliveries as quickly as possible and truck companies may be primarily interested in their bottom line, leading to violations of trucking laws and serious accidents.


Victims of truck accidents face many hurdles when it comes to pursuing compensation from the truck drivers and truck companies responsible for the accident. Fortunately, victims of truck accidents can seek the legal help necessary to file a claim. For example, when representing clients involved in truck accidents, attorney Phillip C. Hawkins works to investigate why the truck accident occurred. Sometimes a close examination of driver’s logs can expose inaccuracies. In some cases, truck maintenance reports are not complete. In other cases, drivers may not have been properly trained.


Truck drivers and truck companies should be held accountable for their negligence. Sometimes a claim can be settled out of court, but when this is not possible it is good to know that there are attorneys in Oklahoma who are ready to represent victims of truck accidents throughout the litigation process. The following website on commercial trucking accidents may be a good resource for Oklahomans who want to learn more about their rights.


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