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Hit and run accident in Tulsa leads to death of teenager

Tulsa drivers must not only be aware of other vehicles in their vicinity while driving, but they must also keep an eye out for pedestrians who may also be sharing the road. While most Tulsa drivers operate their motor vehicles responsibly, as one hit and run accident shows, not all drivers follow the law when it comes to fatal auto-pedestrian accidents.


A teenager, age 18, is dead following a recent auto-pedestrian accident in Tulsa. The incident took place in the area of 4500 S. Sheridan Road. According to witnesses to the incident, a small truck was heading due south when it swerved and struck the teenager. Following that, witnesses report that an additional motorist heading due south also struck the teenager. The motorist of the first vehicle fled the scene; the motorist of the second vehicle remained at the accident scene. Although the teenager was hospitalized following the incident, he ultimately passed away. The incident is still under police investigation.


Pedestrians are always at risk when taking to the streets, even if they are following all the rules of the road. After all, when it comes to an auto-pedestrian accident, a human being is simply no match against a motor vehicle weighing thousands of pounds. Hit-and-run accidents are even more serious, as it can be difficult to identify the driver in order to hold him or her liable. That is why police investigations and witness accounts are so important in such situations.


Unfortunately, this recent Tulsa auto-pedestrian accident resulted in a fatality. Hopefully, the police investigation and witness accounts will lead to the identification of the hit-and-run driver. Families in such situations may want to learn more about pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit, in order to seek compensation for the many expenses they face now that their loved one is no longer in their lives.

Source:, “18-year-old killed after hit and run accident in east Tulsa,” Saundra Adams, Nov. 2, 2015


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