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Fighting medical malpractice can require timely help

Physicians go through years of training to enable them to treat patients. For the most part, patients throughout the country, including those in Oklahoma, make the decision to trust their doctors and their expertise. This is one reason why patients can feel a sense of betrayal when doctors and other medical practitioners make errors or commit other forms of medical negligence. Fortunately, the law allows victims of medical negligence to seek compensation if these errors result in harm.

Negligence in a medical setting often causes catastrophic injury or injuries which ultimately turn fatal. Negligence can also result in injuries that create lifelong problems for patients, such as misdiagnosed diseases and birth injuries to infants. Such mistakes can not only result in psychological trauma but they may also create financial pressures with the burden of unexpected medical costs.

The legal process of filing suit alleging medical malpractice is not easy. Fortunately, the attorneys at Hawkins Law are experienced in bringing forth evidence in the form of patients’ medical records as well as the expert testimony of physicians in order to show a judge or jury that an injury was the direct consequence of medical negligence.

The statute of limitations is an important consideration in filing any medical malpractice lawsuit. Victims of medical negligence must file a report and initiate a lawsuit against any negligent party within two years of the date of the injury. In cases where a patient does not immediately realize or recognize an incident of negligence, a court might waive the statute of limitations if the patient’s attorneys can show that the delay was reasonable given the injury.

Regardless of when an act of medical negligence occurs, a patient may consult legal professionals to determine if a suit is possible.


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