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Fatal Oklahoma auto accidents may leave families wanting justice

Drivers attempting to elude police can pose a serious risk to others. These drivers may be moving at high speeds and carrying out other unsafe actions in hopes of avoiding a traffic stop. Unfortunately, they could collide with other vehicles, and in many cases, innocent parties may suffer serious or even fatal injuries as a result of such auto accidents.

It was recently reported that a crash in Oklahoma took place under such circumstances. Officers were attempting to stop a driver who was suspected of having been involved in a road rage incident. However, the driver would not pull over. That individual was suspected of driving at over 80 mph, but exact speeds were not yet known. During the chase, the vehicle being pursued crashed head-on with a second vehicle.

The driver of the second vehicle was reported as being a local teacher. He suffered fatal injuries in the accident, and his students and other community members have expressed their grief over his sudden death. It was unclear whether the other driver was injured in the incident or what charges that individual may face as a result of this crash.

When fatal auto accidents occur, it is not unusual for surviving loved ones to want justice. In many cases, their pursuit of justice may lead them to filing wrongful death claims against the individuals considered at fault for the accidents. The family of this Oklahoma man may wish to look into this option and determine whether they would like to utilize it to seek compensation for permissible damages.

Source:, “Community grieving the loss of a beloved math teacher“, Sheldra Brigham, Feb. 20, 2017.


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