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Employment assistance in Oklahoma for brain injury victims

Many people would agree that living life with a traumatic brain injury is difficult because this type of injury can make even the simplest tasks seem challenging. Authorities in Oklahoma and the rest of the country understand these challenges and therefore, offer brain injury victims the necessary help so that they can regain their health and resume work in order to continue living normally.

In Oklahoma, the Department of Rehabilitation Services provides employment assistance to victims of traumatic brain injury through its Vocational Rehabilitation Division. The services provided by this division include counseling and guidance regarding job placements. The division also helps traumatic brain injury victims overcome their various disability-based barriers that they face when looking for a job.

According to existing rules, an individual is eligible for assistance from the Department of Rehabilitation Services if the person has a mental disability which prevents regular work. Additionally, that person should be able to benefit from the program in terms of employment and there should be enough evidence to suggest that the person applying for the services actually needs them. Applications can be filed at the department offices located throughout the state.

After filing, the brain injury victim meets with a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor who determines their eligibility by reviewing medical reports and conducting an examination. If the applicant is found to be eligible, the counselor will provide the necessary information for developing an Individualized Plan for Employment. This plan serves as a roadmap in order to help the brain injury victim prepare, find and return to work with a career of choice.

Source: Oklahoma State Department of Health, “Employment after Traumatic Brain Injury – Department of Rehabilitation Services,” Accessed on April 2, 2015


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