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Drunk driving leads to one person’s death in Tulsa

Oklahoma residents would probably agree that the loss of a loved one is never easy to accept. However, the reality is even more difficult to accept when the survivors see that another person’s negligence is the reason for their loved one’s death. Incidents such as this are fairly common when it comes to auto accidents. Distracted driving and drunk driving are two of the leading causes of fatal accidents. One such incident recently occurred in Tulsa.

According to reports, an accident on Peoria Avenue and First Avenue involving two cars claimed the life of one person. Police reports state that a man, who was driving under the influence of alcohol, failed to bring his car to a stop at an intersection and crashed into another vehicle. The driver in the other vehicle was killed in the crash while the passenger suffered injuries. The drunk driver and a male passenger in his car suffered minor injuries as well.

Reports clearly state that the man smelled of alcohol and, apparently, he admitted to driving under the influence. It was, however, not confirmed if his passenger was drunk as well. This gross negligence led to the arrest of the drunk driver. He was taken to Tulsa County jail, where he is facing charges, including first-degree manslaughter and DUI.

This accident is one of the many fatal accidents that occur in Tulsa every year. It is an unfortunate example of the extent of damage that an act of negligence can cause to innocent people. Victims of car accidents often have to deal with prolonged recovery times and significant expenses, if they survive the accident. When an accident is fatal the victim’s family has to come to terms with a number of emotional and financial challenges that can take much longer than an ordinary recovery after an accident.

Source:, “Suspect declares he “was wasted,” after fatal crash,” Michael Purdy, Oct. 12, 2014


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