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Distracted drivers can cause fatal car accidents

Distracted driving is an issue in Oklahoma. After all, who hasn’t seen someone talking on a cellphone, eating or putting on makeup while driving. However, it only takes a split second of taking your eyes off the road to cause a fatal car accident.


For example, while many restaurants, stores and other locations prohibit smoking on their premises, many people still smoke in their own vehicles. Lighting up a cigarette or putting one out can keep a driver from focusing on the road.


Next, let’s take on another distracting behavior: adjusting components of the vehicle. For example, maybe you are rolling windows up or down, adjusting mirrors, tuning the radio or adjusting the temperature. These are all distracting behaviors. Adjustments should be done before you hit the road, not while you are driving.


As many already know, cellphone use is a prevalent but dangerous activity. To increase safety on the roads, some states have enacted laws restricting the use of cellphones while driving.


Moreover, having an animal in your car can be a distraction. Taking a car ride with your dog can be fun for the dog, but can cause you to become distracted. Moreover, if a bug flies into your vehicle, swatting it away can also be a distraction.


When other vehicles get in an accident or are stopped on the side of the road, it can be tempting to slow down to get a better view of them. However, this could result in an accident if it takes your eyes off the road.


Finally, daydreaming while behind the wheel can be dangerous. Daydreaming is a common activity, but it should not be done while driving.


These behaviors are some examples of distracted driving that should be avoided. Fatal accidents happen every day, but by avoiding distracted driving, some of them may at least be prevented.

Source: Property Casualty 360, “10 Deadliest Driving Distractions,” Christina Bramlet, April 11, 2013


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