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Working with flammable materials can pose a considerable risk to employees. Even a seemingly minor accident could result in injured workers if a fire breaks out. Fires often cause serious injuries, and workers may be significantly affected if they are victims of a fire-related accident. Unfortunately, one such accident recently took place in Oklahoma. 

Reports stated that a gas company worker had attempted to open a valve on an oil well when the well exploded. The explosion caused the worker to catch on fire, and he stopped, dropped and rolled in efforts to put out the flames. A co-worker used a fire extinguisher to help the man before moving him to a safer area. Emergency crews were able to get the fire stopped a few hours after the initial incident. 

The explosion caused the worker to suffer burns to the lower half of his body. It was noted that the most severe burns were to the lower part of his legs. Luckily, the injuries are not considered life threatening, and he was transported to the hospital for treatment. 

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Workers’ compensation may be considered a savior by many individuals. In many cases after a work-related accident, injured workers need a variety of assistance. They likely need medical attention to address their injuries, and as they work to recover, they may need help when it comes to dealing with the financial repercussions. For many Oklahoma residents, workers’ comp proves to be that help.

Multiple individuals in another state may be hoping to gain such help after they were injured in a recent workplace accident. Reports stated that there was an explosion that occurred at a truck plant that employs approximately 1,000 people. At the time of the incident, many workers typically in the area were away from the plant at a training exercise.

Of the workers still on site, six individuals were injured in the incident. Two workers were taken from the scene by helicopter, and two were transported by ambulance. The two remaining workers were treated at the scene for minor injuries. It was unclear what may have led to the explosion, but the incident was being investigated by the proper authorities at the time of the report.

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After being injured at work, a myriad of thoughts may run through an Oklahoma employee’s mind. He or she may worry about losing income, paying medical expenses and recovering from injuries sustained. These concerns may put added stress on an already complex situation, but workers’ compensation may be able to lessen some of the financial burden.

One man in another state may be hoping to effectively address his concerns after recently being injured on the job. Reports stated that the man worked as a house-lifter and had been working on a partially collapsed waterfront structure at the time of the incident. He and another individual had been securing beams and pilings when the man was knocked in the head by a beam.

The incident caused the man to fall into the water below. After falling, he became stuck in the water due to a chain getting wrapped around his leg. Emergency personnel were able to rescue the man from the water, and he was taken from the scene by helicopter in order to have his injuries addressed. It was not specifically noted what injuries he may have suffered or what his condition was at the time of the report.

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Many individuals may be devastated to suffer an injury on the job, especially if it causes serious or permanent injuries. When these injuries occur in Oklahoma, workers’ compensation may be able to help those workers and/or their families who have been negatively affected. Various workplace accidents could lead to individuals needing such financial assistance.

A work-related accident recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that an industrial plant was undergoing a demolition, and as the demolition was taking place, a wall collapsed. It was unclear whether steps should have been taken to reinforce the wall while the operation was being carried out or if other factors contributed to the unexpected event taking place.

The wall collapse led to two workers being injured. One individual unfortunately did not survive the injuries suffered. The second worker was taken to an area hospital, and that person was luckily not considered to be in critical condition. The fatal incident was under investigation at the time of the report, and a spokesperson for the company stated that they were cooperating with authorities to carry out an investigation.

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It is common knowledge that work accidents can potentially prove fatal. Nonetheless, these types of accidents can have a significant impact on the family members of the deceased workers. Not only will emotional challenges undoubtedly emerge from a fatal work accident, but the surviving loved ones may also face financial strain. As a result, they may wish to find out more information on workers’ compensation.

Oklahoma residents may be interested in a recent fatal work accident that took place in another state. Reports indicated that a highway department employee was working on a project when he fell beneath the tires of a work truck. The family of the worker suspect that the truck may have malfunctioned and caused the vehicle to roll over the man.

Unfortunately, the injuries the man suffered proved fatal despite his being taken to an area hospital. He was reported as being 53 years old. It was also mentioned that he leaves behind six children as well as some grandchildren. Due to the circumstances of the event, the family may wish to determine whether workers’ compensation benefits could be a form of financial assistance for which they could qualify.

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Suffering an injury of any kind could cause considerable difficulties for an individual or family. If a worker is killed on the job due to a work-related accident, the family may be left to deal with emotional and financial struggles. Luckily, workers’ compensation may be able to assist with some of the resulting monetary hardships.

Oklahoma residents may be interested in a case in which a worker in another state was killed. Reports stated that the woman was employed at a hotel and had entered a freezer where she became trapped. The woman’s husband called hotel management after she did not come home, and by the time the woman was found, she had been trapped for 13 hours and died as a result.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration began investigating after the incident and believe that a malfunction caused the woman to become trapped. As a result, the hotel is facing fines, and it has been recommended that procedures be put in place in order to check on workers periodically. This accident has caused much concern from other hotel employees, and they hope that management will take steps to address the potential for hazards.

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Being injured on the job is a fear that many workers may have. These fears may be even more prevalent if there are safety issues within the work environment. Injured workers could be permanently impacted depending on the severity of the situation, and they may qualify for workers’ compensation. However, issues could arise when seeking such benefits.

Oklahoma residents may be interested in such a situation taking place in another state. Reports indicated that a 47-year-old man has a legal case open pertaining to a disputed workers’ compensation claim. The man was severely injured while working earlier this year, and he claims that there were safety issues at the recycling plant where he worked. One problem he had was that there were not enough staff members to perform duties.

This issue reportedly contributed to the accident that caused his injury. The man was working with a 500 lb. piece of machinery with only one other person when the machinery fell on the man’s arm. The incident resulted in tendons and muscles being severed, and doctors informed the man that he will likely have continuing problems due to the injury. Six months after the accident the man is still on pain medication.

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Being injured while on the job can cause a variety of issues for the injured party. In many cases, employers have workers’ compensation insurance that can assist injured parties with financial issues resulting from the incident. However, if an individual does not receive compensation, there may be reason for further action to take place in hopes of gaining benefits.

One woman in Oklahoma is currently taking such action after being injured while working. Reports stated that the woman worked at a bed and breakfast. While working last year, she fell as she attempted to load barrels into the back of a pickup truck. The fall caused her to fracture both wrists and incur thousands of dollars in medical expenses. In addition to financial troubles, she was also unable to perform everyday tasks without assistance.

Reports stated that the woman’s employers did not have workers’ compensation insurance. As a result, she had to pay for all of her medical expenses on her own. The woman filed a legal claim in hopes of gaining compensation for the damages that she has faced since the incident.

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Oklahoma workers who have been injured on the job may find a recent case involving such circumstances interesting. Reports stated that a woman who is a teacher at a childcare facility at Oklahoma State University won an appeals case pertaining to potential workers’ compensation. Reports stated that the situation began after she slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk on campus.

The woman had parked in her designated lot on campus and was walking inside when she slipped on the sidewalk and was injured. A report was filed stating that the woman was in the “course and scope” of her job when the injury occurred. However, her application for workers’ comp was denied due to state laws pertaining to injuries taking place in parking lots before the employee clocks in.

The woman appealed the decision with the Oklahoma Supreme Court, and the court ruled in her favor. The fact that the woman was considered to be on university property at the time of the accident was a deciding factor. The ruling was not unanimous, however, and the dissenting justices did not believe that the woman was in the course of her employment at the time of the incident.

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Construction workers, carpenters, plumbers and factory workers all provide important services for the people of Tulsa. However, working these types of laborious jobs may eventually have a significant impact on a worker’s health. Injuries are common, not only affecting a worker’s health but also his or her ability to work at all. One common type of injury workers suffer on the job are injuries to their lower back.

Back pain can be absolutely debilitating. In fact, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, more than 1 million employees suffer from back pain annually. Moreover, it is estimated that on average as much as $11 billion of the expenses associated with lower back injuries are covered by workers’ compensation. These claims can climb to over $8,300, which is 50 percent more than any other type of injuries covered by workers’ compensation combined.

Injuries to an individual’s lower back can be complex. According to the National Safety Council, one cause of lower back injuries suffered at work is overexertion. Back injuries can damage a person’s back tendons, the ligaments in a person’s back and back muscles. Some causes of back injuries are slip-and-fall incidents, cumulative trauma, exerting oneself unexpectedly or using one’s back muscles improperly while bending down or handling heavy loads. Moreover, once a person suffers a back injury it is more likely that they could suffer additional back injuries in the future.

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