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Car accidents: Serious crash claims life in Oklahoma

Though there are many risks that may present themselves while traveling, many individuals accept those potential risks in order to get to their destinations. Unfortunately, many travelers may find themselves involved in serious car accidents due to having been unable to avoid certain hazards. Drunk drivers are one particular hazard that could easily claim the lives of innocent victims.

One such accident in Oklahoma recently resulted in the death of one individual. Reports stated that a driver was speeding and driving recklessly when his vehicle struck multiple vehicles. After colliding with three vehicles, the driver continued until a fourth vehicle and two motorcycles were struck. He ran over the bikers before flipping the vehicle he was driving.

One of the motorcyclists suffered fatal injuries. Two other individuals on the motorcycles were apparently in critical condition. The erratic driver was taken to an area hospital due to undisclosed injuries. Because authorities suspected the man to have been under the influence at the time, it is planned for him to be taken into custody and formally accused of a crime once discharged from the hospital.

When car accidents lead to fatalities, the families of the victims may wish to seek justice. Filing civil claims against the driver considered at fault could allow the family of this Oklahoma fatal victim as well as those individuals who were seriously injured to pursue compensation. Information on wrongful death and personal injury claims may help those individuals determine whether following such legal avenues could be right for their circumstances.

Source:, “1 dead, 2 injured in suspected drunken driving crash in Oklahoma City“, May 7, 2016


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