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Are Oklahoma residents aware of the P&SS Act?

Property owners are required under federal and Oklahoma laws to follow proper safety procedures and make sure that anyone entering their property is not injured due to an inherent danger on the property. One such federal act is the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act. Public pools are also subjected to the same rules.

As bodies of water, pools and spas are inherently more dangerous than most other surfaces. Pool safety is becoming a great cause of concern under premises liability laws in Oklahoma. All public pools, including pools and spas found in residential apartments open to all residents and their guests, fall under the purview of this federal law.

In addition to residential pools and spas, government and public pools may also be subjected to the same premises liabilities laws. Furthermore, any pools that are used for physical therapies by medical practitioners as well as baptismal pools used by churches are governed by the premises liabilities laws. Even hotels which have public pools for recreational activities are governed by the pool safety laws outlined under Oklahoma premises liability laws. Any victim of a pool injury may engage the services of an experienced lawyer in order to initiate a premises liability lawsuit.

The need for pool safety has become an even greater cause for concern due to the increasing number of injuries over the recent years. Many children under the age of five have fallen victims to unsafe pools. Any owner of a pool is statutorily required to make sure that their pool is safe.

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