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Allegedly drunk semi driver causes crash northeast of Tulsa

Drunk driving is never a good idea, regardless of whether an Oklahoma driver is behind the wheels of a car or any other vehicle. However, the stakes are higher when an Oklahoman is driving a truck. The truck’s enormous size can cause extensive damage when an accident occurs. The truck’s cargo can add to the devastation by spilling over and causing additional accidents on the roadway. Such a situation recently happened northeast of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, at around 4:30 a.m. a semi-trailer, which was carrying boxes of groceries, was traveling westbound on Highway 60 when it swerved off the highway, scattering the boxes it was carrying. A tanker truck, which was also on the westbound lane, as well as a pickup which was eastbound, crashed into the boxes that were scattered on the highway. A news report indicated none of the drivers were seriously injured but did not provide any further detail on injuries suffered by the pickup and tanker truck drivers.

Troopers arrested the semi-trailer driver on suspicion driving while being intoxicated. He was subsequently booked into the county jail.

Oklahoma truck drivers have a legal obligation to exercise reasonable care on the road and can be held liable in a civil lawsuit for negligent driving behavior like drunk driving, drowsy driving and distracted driving. The truck company can also be held liable even if they were not themselves negligent, based on the legal doctrine of respondeat superior, which holds an employer responsible for an employee’s actions on the job.

Injured victims can file a personal injury lawsuit in order to seek compensation for their damages. Even apparently minor injuries can have long-term effects, so it is important for accident victims to seek medical treatment right away.

Source:, “Truck Driver Booked Into Jail After Crash Shuts Down Highway West Of Vinita,” Dec. 19, 2014


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