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Advocating for catastrophic injury victims in Oklahoma

Oklahoma business establishments are required by law to keep Oklahomans safe whenever they are within their premises. Otherwise, when an accident happens and an Oklahoman is injured, the victim can hold the establishment liable through a premises liability lawsuit. While that may seem like an easy recourse for a victim, the legal action can be complex. For this reason, our Tulsa-based law firm is willing to lend its expertise to victims.

Most people may think that premises liability injuries are mere bumps and bruises from slips and falls. However, a victim can also suffer a catastrophic injury. Head trauma and spinal damage are not uncommon in such injuries. So are burns and other disfiguring injuries. Our law firm has extensive experience and knowledge in handling such cases. Our firm is perceived as an advocate for victims of catastrophic injuries. We make it our mission to seek the best possible outcome for victims.

In this sort of situation, victims will need sufficient compensation for treatment and other miscellaneous expenses. Some defendants and their insurance companies will move heaven and earth to make sure that money damages are held to a minimum, hence, compromising the needs of the victim. Our lawyers will use their skill and experience to make sure that does not happen to our clients. Whether the case ends in a settlement or a verdict, we make sure that victims are not shortchanged.

Our law firm understands the difficulty of the situation. Beyond the physical pain, victims and their families also experience emotional distress. Our lawyers will expertly handle the legal affairs, as Oklahoma victims recover and their families cope with the situation.


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