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A burn injury in Oklahoma can be a catastrophic event

Catastrophic injuries can take a number of forms from spinal cord injuries to multiple fractures to head injuries. Today we are going to look at one serious type of catastrophic injury: a burn injury.


Burn injuries can be very serious. While most people in Northeast Oklahoma have suffered minor burns sometime in their lives, some burn injuries can cause severe suffering and significant complications.


Third-degree burns can be especially damaging. These burns affect all the layers of the victim’s skin, and can even affect other body parts, such as internal organs, nerves, parts of the victim’s skeleton and the victim’s bloodstream. If a person suffers a third-degree burn, they should seek medical help as soon as possible.


There are very dangerous complications that can stem from a third-degree burn. For example, the burn area could become infected. The victim could suffer from tetanus or sepsis. The victim’s body temperature could lower, leading to hypothermia. In addition, if the victim lost a lot of blood, it could cause hypovolemia. All of these complications could cause the victim to enter a state of shock, and could even prove fatal.


Burn injuries can be attributed to numerous causes. Whether it is caused by a car fire, a workplace accident, scalding liquid or any other cause, if it was the result of another person’s carelessness or negligence, it is important to hold those parties responsible for the harms they caused. If a person suffers from a catastrophic burn injury, he or she may want to see if there are any legal remedies that may apply in his or her situation.

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