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Working with flammable materials can pose a considerable risk to employees. Even a seemingly minor accident could result in injured workers if a fire breaks out. Fires often cause serious injuries, and workers may be significantly affected if they are victims of a fire-related accident. Unfortunately, one such accident recently took place in Oklahoma. 

Reports stated that a gas company worker had attempted to open a valve on an oil well when the well exploded. The explosion caused the worker to catch on fire, and he stopped, dropped and rolled in efforts to put out the flames. A co-worker used a fire extinguisher to help the man before moving him to a safer area. Emergency crews were able to get the fire stopped a few hours after the initial incident. 

The explosion caused the worker to suffer burns to the lower half of his body. It was noted that the most severe burns were to the lower part of his legs. Luckily, the injuries are not considered life threatening, and he was transported to the hospital for treatment. 

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Drivers attempting to elude police can pose a serious risk to others. These drivers may be moving at high speeds and carrying out other unsafe actions in hopes of avoiding a traffic stop. Unfortunately, they could collide with other vehicles, and in many cases, innocent parties may suffer serious or even fatal injuries as a result of such auto accidents.

It was recently reported that a crash in Oklahoma took place under such circumstances. Officers were attempting to stop a driver who was suspected of having been involved in a road rage incident. However, the driver would not pull over. That individual was suspected of driving at over 80 mph, but exact speeds were not yet known. During the chase, the vehicle being pursued crashed head-on with a second vehicle.

The driver of the second vehicle was reported as being a local teacher. He suffered fatal injuries in the accident, and his students and other community members have expressed their grief over his sudden death. It was unclear whether the other driver was injured in the incident or what charges that individual may face as a result of this crash.

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A fall from any height could have the potential to cause harm to a person. The conditions under which the fall occurs could have a considerable impact on the injuries that result. If an individual suffers a catastrophic injury due to falling on someone else’s property, he or she may want to consider filing a premises liability claim.

Oklahoma residents may be interested in one out-of-state man’s case that was recently settled. Reports stated that the man was in a supermarket when he apparently slipped due to water being on the floor. The incident resulted in his suffering serious injuries, though it was unclear what specific injuries came about. Due to the harm he suffered, the man filed a lawsuit against the store.

The company offered a denial when it came to liability regarding the alleged water on the floor, but nonetheless, an arbitrator found the company 75 percent liable for the injuries the man suffered. At the time of the report, the man had undergone several surgeries due to his injuries and had accrued over $800,000 in due medical bills. He was awarded $1.5 million in the case, but an adjustment between the parties involved has lowered that amount to approximately $1 million.

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Many individuals may become frustrated when a driver traveling in front of them is moving at a slower speed. As a result, they may try to pass the slower vehicle in order to continue traveling in their desired manner. However, if drivers do not pass in clear areas or designated zones, they could potentially cause serious car accidents.

Recent reports stated that improper passing contributed to a fatal crash that took place in Oklahoma. The incident involved two vehicles and at least four individuals. The driver of a car was heading east when he attempted to pass a vehicle. However, the car collided head-on with another vehicle. The driver of the car and three individuals in the second vehicle were all transported from the scene due to injuries.

An 80-year-old man in the second car suffered fatal injuries, and he was declared dead at the hospital. The three other individuals were reported as having suffered head and body injuries. It was not reported whether any charges may result from this fatal crash, but information on such aspects of the situation may be disclosed at a later time.

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Too often, travelers notice other drivers attempting to use cell phones or other electronic devices while driving. These devices can cause drivers to easily become distracted and potentially lead to serious auto accidents. Authorities suspect that such a distraction led to a recent crash that took place in Oklahoma.

According to reports, the incident involved two vehicles that collided head on. The 52-year-old driver of a pickup truck was traveling west when he veered over the center line and into the eastbound lanes. His truck then collided with a car that was traveling east, driven by a 66-year-old woman. The pickup truck ended up on its side, and the car came to a stop in a ditch. The incident took place at approximately 7:30 a.m.

The crash resulted in the driver of the car suffering fatal injuries. The truck driver was transported from the scene by helicopter, and at the time of the report, he was considered to be in stable condition. The incident was still under investigation, but police suspected that the pickup truck driver may have been distracted by an electronic device.

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A car accident that took place in Oklahoma on New Year’s Eve could lead to legal action after a second individual involved recently died. Reports stated that after suffering head trauma in the incident, an 18-year-old girl died two weeks after the crash. The accident was reported as having involved a drunk driver.

Apparently, a 37-year-old woman was driving, and her two daughters and the 18-year-old girl — who had previously lived with the family as an exchange student — were passengers. Their SUV was rear-ended by another vehicle that had been traveling at speeds over 100 mph before the crash. Alcohol was a suspected factor. The driver of the SUV and the teenage girl were ejected from the vehicle during the collision.

The incident resulted in the woman suffering fatal injuries at the time of the crash. Her 4-year-old daughter was treated and released from the hospital, and her 9-year-old daughter was in critical condition after suffering head trauma. She was later released from the hospital. The teen also suffered a head injury, and she unfortunately succumbed to her injuries recently.

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Workers’ compensation may be considered a savior by many individuals. In many cases after a work-related accident, injured workers need a variety of assistance. They likely need medical attention to address their injuries, and as they work to recover, they may need help when it comes to dealing with the financial repercussions. For many Oklahoma residents, workers’ comp proves to be that help.

Multiple individuals in another state may be hoping to gain such help after they were injured in a recent workplace accident. Reports stated that there was an explosion that occurred at a truck plant that employs approximately 1,000 people. At the time of the incident, many workers typically in the area were away from the plant at a training exercise.

Of the workers still on site, six individuals were injured in the incident. Two workers were taken from the scene by helicopter, and two were transported by ambulance. The two remaining workers were treated at the scene for minor injuries. It was unclear what may have led to the explosion, but the incident was being investigated by the proper authorities at the time of the report.

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If drivers fail to operate their vehicles in a safe manner, they could cause serious accidents. In many cases, drivers and passengers involved in crashes suffer head trauma, broken bones and other severe injuries that could potentially prove fatal. In the event that a person is seriously injured or killed, civil claims could be warranted.

Legal action could stem from a recent accident that took place in Oklahoma. Reports stated that three individuals were involved in the two-car collision that occurred when the driver of a vehicle heading west crossed the center line into a no-passing zone and collided head on with an eastbound vehicle. There were two individuals in the westbound car, and the driver was the sole occupant of the second vehicle.

The incident resulted in the driver of the westbound car suffering fatal injuries. His passenger suffered injuries to his head as well as internal injuries. The driver of the second car was taken from the scene due to a leg injury. Emergency crews had to rescue the passenger of the first vehicle and the driver of the second car after they had become trapped.

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Numerous individuals put their lives at risk every day simply by traveling on the roadways. Though many people rarely consider their daily commute life threatening, car and truck accidents often prove fatal, and anyone could be caught in such a situation. Because there is a chance of death in these incidents, such events could result in a victim’s surviving family filing civil claims.

One family in Oklahoma may be looking into their legal options after a recent accident. Reports stated that a truck carrying lumber attempted to make a right turn when the improperly-secured load shifted on the trailer. This shift caused multiple pieces of lumber to fall from the trailer and hit a pickup truck that was traveling in the other lane. One piece went through the windshield of the pickup.

The accident caused the pickup truck driver to suffer fatal injuries, and authorities believe that the man’s death was almost instantaneous. He was reported as being 53 years old. It was also reported that the accident likely could have been avoided if the lumber had been correctly secured to the truck. It was not mentioned whether any charges would result from the incident.

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After being injured at work, a myriad of thoughts may run through an Oklahoma employee’s mind. He or she may worry about losing income, paying medical expenses and recovering from injuries sustained. These concerns may put added stress on an already complex situation, but workers’ compensation may be able to lessen some of the financial burden.

One man in another state may be hoping to effectively address his concerns after recently being injured on the job. Reports stated that the man worked as a house-lifter and had been working on a partially collapsed waterfront structure at the time of the incident. He and another individual had been securing beams and pilings when the man was knocked in the head by a beam.

The incident caused the man to fall into the water below. After falling, he became stuck in the water due to a chain getting wrapped around his leg. Emergency personnel were able to rescue the man from the water, and he was taken from the scene by helicopter in order to have his injuries addressed. It was not specifically noted what injuries he may have suffered or what his condition was at the time of the report.

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